Atomic Motion Base



Atomic Motion Base is a servo and DC motor driver designed specifically for the ATOM series controllers. It integrates an STM32 control chip internally and uses I2C communication for control. Atomic Motion Base provides 4 servo channels and 2 DC motor interfaces, offering convenience for scenarios that require control of multiple servos or motor drivers, such as multi-axis servo robotic arms or small car motor control.

Internally, Atomic Motion Base integrates a 16340 lithium battery with a capacity of 700mAh or 18350 lithium battery with a capacity of 1000mAh, enabling independent power supply and convenient portability without the need for an external power source. Additionally, Atomic Motion Base provides two HY2.0-4P interface extensions, which expose 4 PIN pins that can be used for connecting sensors and other expansion devices.


  • Applicable to AtomS3/AtomS3 Lite/Atom Lite/Atom Matrix
  • 4 channel servo control
  • 2 channel DC motor control
  • Removable lithium battery
  • Magnetic back design
  • Independent power switch
  • 2 way HY2.0-4P expansion interface


  • 1x Atomic Motion Base


  • DC motor trolley control
  • Steering gear arm control


Resources Parameters
Removable lithium battery Specification: 16340(capacity 700mAh),18350(capacity1000mAh)
Motor interface PIN spacing 2.54mm
Full load steering current 3A
Single-channel motor operating peak current 1A
Single channel servo working peak current 0.4A
Product Size 74*24*20.7mm
Package Size 136* 92*13mm
Product Weight 35g
Package Weight 37g




image image

Protocol Type I2C (I2C Address: 0x38)


Module Size

module size




  • Control the rotation of 4 steering gears and 2 DC motors, press the ATOM center button to switch the direction of the DC motor rotation

  • ATOM Motion UIFlow example (Building a Lego car)