As a versatile embedded development board, M5Dial integrates the necessary features and sensors for various smart home control applications. It features a 1.28-inch round TFT touchscreen, a rotary encoder, an RFID detection module, an RTC circuit, a buzzer, and under-screen buttons, enabling users to easily implement a wide range of creative projects.

The main controller of M5Dial is M5StampS3, a micro module based on the ESP32-S3 chip known for its high performance and low power consumption. It supports Wi-Fi, as well as various peripheral interfaces such as SPI, I2C, UART, ADC, and more. M5StampS3 also comes with 8MB of built-in Flash, providing sufficient storage space for users.

The standout feature of M5Dial is its rotary encoder, which accurately records the position and direction of the knob, delivering a better interactive experience. Users can adjust settings such as volume, brightness, and menu options using the knob, or control home applications like lights, air conditioning, and curtains. The device's built-in display screen allows for displaying different interaction colors and effects.

With its compact size and lightweight design, M5Dial is suitable for various embedded applications. Whether it's controlling home devices in the smart home domain or monitoring and controlling systems in industrial automation, M5Dial can be easily integrated to provide intelligent control and interaction capabilities.

M5Dial also features RFID detection, enabling the recognition of RFID cards and tags operating at 13.56MHz. Users can utilize this function for applications such as access control, identity verification, and payments.Furthermore, M5Dial is equipped with an RTC circuit to maintain accurate time and date. Additionally, it includes an onboard buzzer and a physical button for device sound prompts and wake-up operations.

M5Dial provides versatile power supply options to cater to various needs. It accommodates a wide range of input voltages, accepting 6-36V DC input. Additionally, it features a battery port with a built-in charging circuit, enabling seamless connection to external Lithium batteries. This adaptability allows users to power M5Dial via USB-C, the DC interface, or an external battery for on-the-go convenience. M5Dial also reserves two PORTA and PORTB interfaces, supporting the expansion of I2C and GPIO devices. Users can connect various sensors, actuators, displays, and other peripherals through these interfaces, adding more functionality and possibilities.

Wake up can be initiated by pressing the "Wake" button or by an IRQ signal triggered periodically by the RTC. After triggering the wake-up signal, set the HOLD (GPIO46) pin to a high level (1) during program initialization to maintain the power supply. Otherwise, the device will enter the sleep state again.
When there is no USB external power supply, press the RST key to power off. Alternatively, when there is no USB external power supply, set HOLD (GPIO46) to 0 during program operation to achieve power off.
Download Mode
If you want to enter download mode, press and hold the G0 button on StampS3 before turning it on, then release it after powering it on.


This tutorial will show you how to program and control M5Dial devices through Arduino IDE


This tutorial will show you how to control the M5Dial device through the UIFlow2.0 graphical programming platform


  • Circular TFT touch screen
  • M5StampS3
  • Encoder
  • RFID
  • 6-36V voltage input
  • Interface extension: PORTA and PORTB interfaces
  • Programming platform: Arduino, UIFlow、ESP-IDF


  • 1x M5Dial
  • 1x M2 hex key
  • 1x 2.54-2P terminal


  • Smart home control
  • Internet of Things Project
  • Access control system
  • Industrial control



Resources Parameters
MCU ESP32-S3@Xtensa LX7 ,8M-FLASH,WIFI,OTG\CDC Function
Voltage input range 6-36V
Screen driver GC9A01
1.28 Inch 240x240px
Touch driver FT3267
Standby current (battery-powered standby current) DC4.2V/1.9uA
Working current DC6V power supply : DC6V/140.6mA
DC12V power supply: DC12V/82.5mA
DC36V power supply: DC36V/28.1mA
Battery seat specifications 1.25mm-2p
Product Size 45*45*32.3mm
Package Size 163*120*59mm
Product Weight 46.6g
Package Weight 83.83g
schematics schematics






I2C Sensor(RTC8563 & WS1850S)




Screen Driver(GC9A01-SPI)


Module Size

module size




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