FACES II BOTTOM is a FACES base with RGB light strips and GROVE compatible ports. The FACES II is compatible with all function panels from the FACES Kit. The base is connected to the host via the M5BUS and communicates using the I2C protocol. The base has a built-in 600mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery and comes equipped with a power management IC for easy use as a portable, handheld device. There are 5 RGB LEDs each on the left and right sides of the base, PORTB and PORTC interfaces on the top, and POGO PIN contacts on the bottom of the backside of the base through which it can be charged from the charging base. There are M3 screw holes and hanging holes on the top for mounting it easily to anything. The RGB LEDs are connected to GPIO15.

There is a conflict between the I2S DOUT of the M5Core2 and the RGB LED pins of the FACE BOTTOM II base, and the stacked speakers or RGB LED lights may work abnormally.

This product is EOL now.

Product Features

  • Colorful RGB LED light bars(GPIO 15)
  • Compatible with GROVE interface for easy connection
  • Compatible with FACES Kit panels
  • Rechargeable
  • Handheld




Resources Parameter
Net weight 43g
Gross weight 77g
Product Size 108*54*19mm
Package Size 125*67*23mm

Notice:PORT description Ports of different colors have different functions. Black-PortB (26/36), supports DA/AD conversion and signal bus communication. Blue-PortC (16/17), supports UART serial communication. Based on the required function, the corresponding unit can be connected to the FACES II base by just attaching it to the port with the matching color.


A project to prevent access of suspect Covid-19 positive in office or community. M5Stack Core Grey, RFID unit and NCIR body temp measure


Arduino IDE

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