Arduino IDE Environment Setup - ATOM

Driver installation

Connect the device to the PC and open Device Manager to install the FTDI Driver for the device. Taking the Win10 environment as an example, download the driver file that matches the operating system, extract it, and install it through the Device Manager. (Note: In some system environments, you need to install twice before the driver takes effect, the unrecognized device name is usually 'M5Stack' or 'USB Serial', Windows recommends using the driver file to install directly in Device Manager (custom update), executable file installation method may not work properly). Click here to download FTDI drivers

For MacOS users, check System Preferences - > Security & Privacy - > General - > Allow apps downloaded from - > App Store and approved developer options.

Arduino development environment set up

[Click to view] Arduino development environment setup tutorial

Board management for M5Stack

1.Open the Arduino IDE and select File > Preferences - > Settings

2.Copy the M5Stack board management URL below to Additional Board Manager:

3.Select Tools -> Development Board: -> Board Manager...

**4.In the new pop-up dialog box, enter and search for M5Stack, click Install (if the search fails, you can try to restart the **Arduino program)

5.Select Tools -> Development Board: > M5Stack Arduino, and select the corresponding board configuration according to the device we are using (M5Stack-Atom)..

  • Different hardware devices, there are different case libraries, please choose to download according to the device you are using. Open the Arduino IDE and select Project > Load Libraries -> Library Management...

For Atom Matrix/Lite

  • Search for M5Atom and install it, as shown in the figure below, please follow the pop-up window prompts to install the relevant dependent libraries.

Light up the LED light

  • Copy the following code to the Arduino IDE, connect the ATOM to the PC and configure the correct port (Tools - > Port - > COMx), click the upload button (->) on the menu bar, and the program will be automatically compiled and uploaded to the device. The program will light up the LED light on the ATOM.
#include "M5Atom.h"
/* After M5Atom is started or reset
the program in the setUp () function will be run, and this part will only be run once.
在 M5Atom 启动或者复位后,即会开始执行setup()函数中的程序,该部分只会执行一次。 */
void setup(){
    M5.begin(true, false, true);    //Clear the serial port buffer, set the serial port baud rate to 115200; initialize the LED matrix.  清空串口缓冲区,设置串口波特率为 115200;初始化LED矩阵
    M5.dis.fillpix(0xff0000); // Fill 0xff0000 to the entire LED dot matrix.  将 0xff0000 填充至整个LED点阵
/* After the program in setup() runs, it runs the program in loop()
The loop() function is an infinite loop in which the program runs repeatedly
loop()函数是一个死循环,其中的程序会不断的重复运行 */
void loop(){

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