Arduino IDE environment setup-PoECAM


Click here to visit Arduino official website , select the installation package corresponding to your own operating system to download.

M5Stack's board management

  • 1.Open the Arduino IDE, select File->Preferences->Boards Manager URLs
  • 2.Copy the esp32 board management URL below to Additional Development Board Manager:
  • 3.Select Tools->Board:->Board Manager...
  • 4.In the new pop-up dialog box, enter and search for esp32, click install (if the search fails, you can try to restart the Arduino program)

Some APIs in the dependency library have compatibility issues with the latest version of esp32 board management, so when we download the board management, we need to download the v1.0.6 version.

  • 5.Select Tools->Development Board:->M5Stack-Timer-CAM
  • 6.Select Tools->Manager Libraries:
  • 7.Search for PoE-CAM in the pop-up dialog box -> click Install.
  • 8. Click here to download the Ethernet dependency library and unzip it to your Arduino library file path , It is usually Users->UserName->Documents->Arduino->libraries in win10 environment.

  • 9.File->Example->PoE_CAM Open the example program ETHERNET_STREAM, compile and upload it to the device.


PoECAM does not have an integrated download circuit, you need to buy TTL-TO-USB adapter board and connect it to the back of PoECAM before use Download the interface, and then connect to the PC to burn the program.

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