RGB LED Strip is a programmable RGB LED strip,utilizing SK6812 RGB LEDs. The LED strip supports digital addressing, which means that you can individually control the color and brightness of each individual LED on the LED strip. Single bus programming is supported to expand the LED strip.

The outer layer of the LED strip is coated with a transparent protective silica gel which supports IP65 waterproof protection, thus it can be adapted to a variety of applicable environments. The LED strip consists of a flexible FPC (soft light strip)/PCB (hard light strip board) for the substrate, and uses 5050 RGB LEDS, and 3M strong double-sided tape on the back for easy pasting and fixing. The working voltage is 5V DC voltage, and various lighting effects can be realized through controller programming.

It should be noted that with the gradual increase in the number of LED strip connections, the accompanying power consumption will also increase. Therefore, when using RGB LED strips with a large number of LEDs, it is recommended to provide additional power for them.


  • Product type:RGB LED Strip
  • LED Type:xdx-5050RGB-60-60
  • IC Model:SK6812
  • Operating Voltage:5V
  • Power:±18W/per metre
  • Thickness:10MM
  • RGB Value:256
  • LED Count: 60LEDs/per Metre
  • IC Count: 60 ICs/per Metre(ICs spaced between LEDs)
  • Operating Temp:-40°C---80°C
  • Life Span:30Kh
  • Strip Background color:Black/ White
  • LED color:Full color RGB
  • Data transfer rate:800K/S
  • Waterproof:Waterproof Epoxy-IP65
  • Strip Lengths: 0.5m/30,1m/60,2m/120,5m/300
  • Programming Method: Arduino, UIFlow(Blockly, Python)
  • Extendable


  • 1x RGB LED Strip
  • 1x HY2.0-4P Adapter Cable


  • lighting decoration


Resource Parameter
Length/Net Weight 0.5m/37g, 1m/55g, 2m/86g, 5m/211g
Length/Gross Weight 0.5m/45g, 1m/65g, 2m/96g, 5m/220g
Length/LED Count 0.5m/30,1m/60,2m/120,5m/300
Led Strip Thickness 10mm
Packaging Type Anti-static bag packaging, fixed reel


Color Red White Green


A practical use of the M5Stack Atom RS232 as part of a remote display.



  • Question: How can the long light belt be connected to stickc plus? The voltage is not enough?
  • Answer: As shown in the figure, connect 1 and 3 together, then connect the grove port of stickc plus, and then connect the red and white lines of 2 to the external 5v power supply respectively. The specifications of the power supply are selected according to the length of the lamp: the reference power is about: ±18w/ m /60 RGB lamps, the current required for a lamp is 60mA, for example, if the lamp is 1 meter, the power supply specification needs to be selected as 5v@3.6A