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LoRaE220 Unit



The LoRaE220 Unit is a LoRa communication module introduced by M5Stack, designed for the 920MHz frequency band. It utilizes convenient serial communication. It supports point-to-point transmission and broadcast modes, as well as wireless wake-up, carrier monitoring, and communication key features. It can switch between four different operating modes using onboard dip switches, allowing for configuration of data transmission and reception functions, catering to various communication needs. It is suitable for applications in home security alarms, building automation, smart homes, and the automotive industry, among others.

Please ensure that the supply voltage does not exceed 5V, as exceeding this limit may result in module damage.


  • Rich communication functions: support Wake on Radio (wireless wake up), carrier monitoring, communication key and other functions.
  • Onboard DIP switch: Toggle the switch to configure the working mode and configure the data sending and receiving functions.
  • Communication frequency band: Supports the 920MHz band(920.6〜928.0MHz).
  • High performance: A new generation of LoRa solutions with longer transmission distances, faster speeds and lower power consumption.
  • Serial communication: Supports serial communication to provide a high degree of flexibility and reliability for iot applications.


  • 1 x LoRaE220 Unit
  • 1x Grove Cable (20cm)


  • Agriculture, industrial automation
  • Home security
  • Automotive industries


Resources Parameters
Lora Module E220-900T22S(JP) @ Telec(001-P01730)
Support band 920MHz(920.6〜928.0MHz)
Maximum transmitting power 13dBm(About20mW)
Communication distance The communication distance is up to 5 km
Service voltage Maximum DC 3.3V to 5.5V
Communication mode Serial port communication
Product Size 71.4*24*8mm
Package Size 136*92*13mm
Product Weight 19.5g
Package Weight 25.1g

CoreS3 (K128)

CORE2 (K010)

TOUGH (K034)

BASIC-V27 (K001-V27)

ATOM Lite (C008)

AtomS3 Lite (C124)




LoRaE220-JP Working Mode

image schematics



Module Size

module size




  • LoRaE220-JP Unit Demo and Introduction