Arduino IDE Development

USB Driver

Before the program is burned, M5Core host (including BASIC / GRAY / M5GO / FIRE / FACES) users please download the corresponding CP210X driver package according to the operating system you are using, click the button below. After decompressing the compressed package, select the installation package corresponding to the operating system value for installation.

Note: M5StickC /M5StickC PLUS / M5StickT / ATOM Matrix / ATOM Lite support can be used without driver, users can skip this driver installation step. UnitV/M5StickV/M5StickC/ATOM may not work without driver in some systems. Users can manually install FTDI driver to fix this problem.(Note: In some system environments, you need to install twice for the driver to take effect).

For Mac OS, make sure System preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General before installing, and allow the apps to be installed from the App Store and identified developers

Download CP2104 driver


Click here to visit Arduino's official website ,Select the installation package for your own operating system to download.

Boards Manager

1.Open up Arduino IDE, navigate to File->Peferences->Settings

2.Copy the following M5stack Boards Manager url to Additional Boards Manager URLs:

3.Navigate to Tools->Board:->Boards Manager...

4.Search M5Stack in the pop-up window, find it and click Install

5. Select Tools->Development board:->M5Stack Arduino, and select the corresponding development board configuration according to the device you are using,ALL of them are arduino esp32 for M5Stack controller.

M5Stack Library

Different hardware devices, with different case libraries, please choose to download according to the device you use..Open Arduino IDE, then Select Sketch->Include Library->Manage Libraries...

For M5Core and M5Stick

Search M5Stack , find it and click Install

For M5Core2

Search M5Core2 , find it and click Install

For M5StickC

Search M5StickC , find it and click Install

For M5StickC PLUS

Search M5StickCPlus , find it and click Install

For Atom Matrix/Atom Lite

Search M5Atom find it and click Install,to use LED,you may need to install FastLED library

For M5CoreInk

Search M5Core-Ink , find it and click Install

For M5Paper

Search M5EPD , find it and click Install

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