RoverC-Pro is a programmable Mecanum wheel omnidirectional mobile robot base. Compatible with M5StickC/M5StickC PLUS, it can be initialised by just inserting M5StickC/M5StickC PLUS. The main control chip is STM32F030C6T6, and it incorporates four N20 worm gear motors to drive the wheels directly by the motor driver.

The PRO version provides a gripping mechanism controlled by a servo for gripping objects. The base provides two dedicated servo control drivers. In addition, it also provides two Grove-compatible I2C connectors to facilitate the expansion of other modules. The base is compatible with Lego and can be expanded structurally. There is an 16340 (700mAh) battery on the back, from which the battery can be replaced. It can be recharged through M5StickC/M5StickC PLUS. The power of the base is controlled by an independent switch.

Product Features

  • I2C Address 0x38
  • Remote Control
  • Gripping mechanism
  • Programmable
  • Four-channel motor driver
  • LEGO compatible
  • Extra Grove ports for expansion
  • Equipped with 16340(700mAh) battery holder
  • Flexible movement in all directions


  • Autonomous Rover
  • Mini RC surveilance car
  • Smart and cognitive toys


  • 1x RoverC base(includes 16340(700mAh) Battery)
  • 1x Claw Kit


Resources Parameter
Communication protocol I2C:0x38
Net weight 187g
Gross weight 245g
Product Size 120 x 75 x 58mm
Package Size 115 x 85 x 65mm

RoverC PRO and RoverC comparison

/ RoverC PRO RoverC
Servo Gripper x1 /
Servo Ext Port x2 /
Battery Removable Non-removable


EasyLoader is a concise and fast program writer, which has a built-in case program related to the product. It can be burned to the main control by simple steps to perform a series of function verification.

Download Windows Version Easyloader Download MacOS Version Easyloader

Press the ButtonA to hold the object and release the clamp after moving it back and forth


RoverC with M5Atom
Using M5StickC on RoverC and JoyC with M5Atom attached to display direction of the RoverC.
Bluetooth programmable mecanum wheel robot
Use Bluetooth serial to program omnidirectional movement sequences. Make a game out of it and try to guide the robot around obstacles.



1: This case uses RoverC and JoyC to realize wireless control through UDP communication. Please select the corresponding case program below according to the equipment you are using.

Note: Please make sure that RoverC is fully charged before use. Charging method: insert M5StickC into RoverC and connect the USB cable for charging. Burn the EasyLoader firmware of JoyC and RoverC to two M5StickCs respectively, and insert JoyC and RoverC respectively after burning , RoverC will display "M5AP+2-byte mac address" hotspot name after booting up, and at the same time JoyC will scan the mac address name of RoverC, press and hold the Home button of M5StickC on JoyC for 3 seconds to start scanning the hotspot of the car, and you can pair success. After successful pairing, the link icon will be highlighted in the upper left corner of the screen, and the joystick value will be displayed on the screen. The left joystick controls the front and rear up and down, the left and right controls the pan, the right joystick controls the left and right steering.

2: This case is a RoverC stand-alone control program, which is directly controlled by the main controller. Please select the corresponding case program below according to the equipment you are using.


  • Protocol type I2C
  • I2C Address: 0x38
| ROVERC_MOTOR_REG       | 0x00-0x03
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
| motor_1_reg[0]  |  R/W  |  Motor1 Speed value(-127~127)
| motor_2_reg[1]  |  R/W  |  Motor2 Speed value(-127~127)
| motor_3_reg[2]  |  R/W  |  Motor3 Speed value(-127~127)
| motor_4_reg[3]  |  R/W  |  Motor4 Speed value(-127~127)

| ROVERC_SERVO_ANGLE_REG       | 0x10-0x11
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
| servo_1_reg[0]  |  R/W  |  SERVO1 Angle value(0-180)
| servo_2_reg[1]  |  R/W  |  SERVO2 Angle value(0-180)

| ROVERC_SERVO_PULSE_REG       | 0x20-0x23
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
| servo_1_pulse_reg[0]  |  R/W  |  SERVO1 PULSE H value
| servo_1_pulse_reg[1]  |  R/W  |  SERVO1 PULSE L value
| servo_2_pulse_reg[2]  |  R/W  |  SERVO2 PULSE H value
| servo_2_pulse_reg[3]  |  R/W  |  SERVO2 PULSE L value      (pulse value:500-2500us)


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