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4Relay Module 13.2_V1.1



4Relay Module 13.2_V1.1 is a versatile relay module designed to simplify users’ circuit control. With its onboard 4-channel mechanical relays (NO, COM), this module offers reliable and efficient control for DC circuitry.

Featuring I2C communication protocol, the 4Relay Module 13.2_V1.1 optimizes the IO resources, ensuring seamless integration into projects. The convenient jumper cap design allows users to effortlessly switch between active and passive relay modes, catering to various circuit requirements.

This relay module is specifically designed for DC circuit switching, providing a maximum load capacity of 24W (DC 24V @ 1A) across its 4 channels. It also includes built-in external power voltage detection and a DCDC circuit to power the controllers, enhancing overall safety and stability.


  • STM32G030F6® 32-bit Cortex®-M0+ CPU
  • I2C communication(addr: 0x26)
  • 4 relay control, maximum load capacity 24W (DC 24V@1A)
  • Supports two modes of operation (active and passive)
  • Voltage detect
  • Support Arduino, UIFlow and other programming platforms


  • 1x 4Relay Module 13.2 V1.1
  • 5x Wiring Terminal 2.54mm-2P (green)
  • 10x PIN Jumper
  • 1x Wiring Instructions


  • On/off control
  • Solenoid valve control
  • DC control load on/off


Resources Parameters
Main Control Chip STM32F030F4
Communication interface I2C communication interface (addr: 0x26)
Support operating mode Active control / Passive control
Relay channels 4x(COM, NO interface)
Power input interface DC 5-24V
Load capacity 4 channels max. 24W (DC 24V@1A)
Relay terminal specifications 2.54-2P
Product Size 54*54*13.2mm
Package Size 95*65*25mm
Product Weight 33.2g
Package Weight 63.7g

BASIC-V27 (K001-V27)

CORE2 (K010)

CoreS3 (K128)

TOUGH (K034)





Module Size

module size






It is possible to turn a lamp or fan on and off through an SMS message.
On hand gesture, you can open the door without touching the handle M5STACK AND NODEMCU USED.