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COM.LoRaWAN915 is a LoRaWAN communication module suitable for 915MHz frequency launched by M5Stack. The module adopts the ASR6501 solution, which supports long-distance communication and has both ultra-low power consumption and high sensitivity. The module integrates the LoRaWAN protocol stack and adopts a serial communication interface (using AT command set for control), and can be used as a collection node to access a large number of gateways for data collection and management.

An external power supply is provided (5V-12V input can be adjusted by switching the dial on-board switches). The module fits for long distance low power IoT communication applications, such as deployment of environmental monitoring nodes.

This module supports US915 band plan only. NOT supports AU915.


When used with the FIRE main control, due to the PSRAM pin conflict, please switch the DIP switch pins of the module base to TX(0/13), RX(5/15), and the device can use USB/ External DC is used for power supply.

When used with Core2 series main control, due to the different order of the base pin array, COM.X base pins TX(16), RX(17) correspond to the actual pins TX(14), RX of the Core2 main control (13) The equipment needs to use external DC for power supply.

Note: When using the CORE2 or CORE2-FOR-AWS main control to drive the module, please use the DC power input of the base and set the power mode to input mode (refer to the code below), otherwise it will not start normally

//kMBusModeOutput: Use USB or battery power
//kMBusModeInput: Use external power supply 5V, or DC interface

M5.begin(true, true, true, false, kMBusModeInput);

//Initialize Serial according to the actual connected pins
Serial2.begin(115200, SERIAL_8N1, 13, 14);

The module base has a DC power input interface. Please strictly follow the input range (5-12V) to prevent damage to the module when using this interface to connect to the power supply. The internal power DIP switch can adjust the voltage level of the internal terminal VIN to adapt to different modules.

Product Features

  • ASR6501
  • Supported US915
  • SMA antenna
  • Communication interface: UART
  • Command protocol: AT command


  • 1x LoRaWAN915 Module
  • 1x SMA antenna


  • Automatic remote meter reading
  • Intelligent traffic intelligent parking lot
  • Remote irrigation and environmental monitoring

Major countries and regions supported by US915

Argentina/Canada/Chile/Colombia/Ecuador/Greece Guatemala/Jamaica/Mexico/Nicaragua/Panama/United States/Uruguay


Specification Parameter
UART baud rate 115200
DC interface specifications 5.5mm
Net weight 35g
Gross weight 72g
Product size 54.2*54.2*13.2mm
Package size 165*60*36mm

Pin mapping

SW DIP-6 dip switchG17/G0/G13G16/G5/G15

M5Stack FIRE GPIO 16/17 is connected to PSRAM by default. If the TXD/RXD of this module uses GPIO16, GPIO17 will conflict with it. Therefore, when using M5Stack FIRE to drive the module, you need to switch the DIP switch to any one of the remaining two sets of pins.


  • The module plugs into the base


M5Stack recently released an updated LoRaWAN module. This tutorial teaches you how to connect it to The Things Network using UIFlow.