Atom UIFlow Getting Started Guide

Download driver

Note: ATOM can be used without driver under WIN10 & Linux & MAC. Users can skip the driver installation step. If it cannot be used normally, please try to download and install the driver.

Driver download Link

install driver

Unzip the zip file and run the executable file to install

For Mac OS users, make sure to check System Preferences -> Security and Privacy -> General -> Allow downloads from the following locations -> App Store and approved developer options before installation.

Burning tool

Please click the button below to download the corresponding M5Burner firmware burning tool according to your operating system. Open the application after decompression.

For MacOS users, please put the application in the Application folder after installation, as shown in the figure below.
For Linux users, please switch to the decompressed file path and run ./M5Burner in the terminal to run the application.

Firmware burning

Double-click to open the Burner burning tool, ①Select the corresponding device class in the left menu, ②Choose the firmware version you need, ③Click the download button to download.

Connect the M5 device to the computer through the Type-C data cable, ④Select the corresponding COM port, the baud rate can use the default configuration in M5Burner, ⑤After the configuration is completed, click "Burn" to burn.

You can fill in the Wi-Fi information that the device will be connected to in the firmware burning stage, or leave it blank and use the AP hotspot to configure Wi-Fi later. ⑥Click "Stact" to start burning.

When the burning log prompts Burn Successfully, it means that the firmware has been burned.

When burning for the first time or the firmware program is running abnormally, you can click "Erase" in the upper right corner to erase the flash memory. In the subsequent firmware update, there is no need to erase again, otherwise the saved Wi-Fi information will be deleted and Refresh API Key__.

Configuration file

If you need to modify the configuration file, please connect your M5 device to the computer through the Type-C data cable and select the corresponding COM port. ⑦Then click configuration to modify.

APIKey: Communication credentials when M5 device uses UIFlow web programming Start Mode: Configurable to enter the mode after startup Quick Start: You can choose Quick Start to skip the startup interface Server: Server selection Wifi: Configure SSID and Password of Wifi

Configure WIFI

UIFlow provides an offline and web version of the programmer. When using the web version of UIFlow, we need to configure the WiFi connection for the device. The following describes two ways to configure WiFi connection for the device (burning configuration and AP hotspot configuration).

UIFlow-1.4.5 and above supports the pre-burning configuration of WiFi connection. Users only need to fill in the WiFi information into the WiFi configuration box after clicking "Burn", and then click "Stact" to burn the firmware, and fill in the WiFi information It will be burned and saved to the M5 device along with the firmware.

AP hotspot configuration WiFi

  1. While powering on or restarting the device, press and hold the middle button until the yellow breathing light is displayed and release it. At this time, the yellow light is always on to enter WIFI configuration mode.
  1. In the WIFI configuration mode, Atom will automatically send out WIFI hotspots, such as M5Stack-XXXX, connect to this WIFI and open the browser and enter to enter the WiFi configuration page, enter the SSID and password to connect to the network (note M5FLOW in this step) -XXXXXXXX will be used later), at this time the red light flashes, and the blue light is on for a short time after the connection is successful (UIFlow server is not connected) when the green light flashes, it means that the UIFlow server is connected normally, and online programming can be performed at this time .

If the WiFi is connected to the network but not connected to the UIFlow server (the blue light is always on)

Or if the WiFi connection to the network fails (the red light is always on), try to press the middle button to reconnect to the network or restart the device.

API KEY pairing

Please connect your M5 device to the computer through the Type-C data cable and select the corresponding COM port, ⑦then click configuration to view.

API KEY information will appear in the configuration box.

API KEY is the communication credential when M5 device uses UIFlow web programming. By configuring the corresponding API KEY on the UIFlow side, the program can be pushed for the specified device. The user needs to visit in the computer browser to enter the UIFlow programming page, click the setting button in the menu bar at the upper right corner of the page, and enter the API on the corresponding device Key, click OK to save, and wait for the prompt to connect successfully.

UIFlow offline programming mode

UIFlow Desktop IDE is an offline version of UIFlow programmer, without network dependence, and can provide a quick response program push experience, please click the button below the corresponding version of UIFlow-Desktop-IDE according to your operating system to download .

Unzip the downloaded UIFlow Desktop IDE compression package and double-click to execute the application.

After the software is started, it will automatically detect whether your computer has a USB driver (CP210X) installed, click Install, and follow the prompts to install it.

After the driver is installed, it will automatically enter the UIFlow Desktop IDE and automatically pop up the configuration box. At this time, connect the M5 device to the computer through the Tpye-C data cable. Then while the device is powered on or restarted, press and hold the middle button until the blue breathing light is displayed and release it. At this time, the blue light is always on to enter the UIFlow offline programming mode.

Choose the corresponding port, connect with the programming device, and click OK to connect.

When the device is powered on or restarted, press and hold the middle button to enter different modes. The different colors of the LED light represent different modes. Release the button to enter the corresponding mode.

-Green light UIFlow online programming mode

-Blue light UIFlow offline programming mode

-Yellow light Configure WIFI mode

-Purple Light Run the last downloaded program

UIFlow example


- Matrix Example


- Lite Example

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