M5Core Quick Start - Arduino Win

Table of Contents

1. Install Arduino IDE

2. Install USB to Serial Driver

3. Install ESP32 Boards Manager

4. Install M5Stack Library

5. Example

1. Install Arduino IDE

Open up your browser, and visit Arduino official website https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software

(1) click Windows ZIP file for non admin install to download Arduino IDE


(3) To install IDE, double click the Arduino executable file. Keep the default selection throughout this process, including the installation path.

2. Install USB to Serial Driver

1.Click the link on the right to download the CP210X driver.. Windows

(2) Based on your Windows operating system type, select the corresponding driver installation package

  • 32-bit, choose CP210xVCPInstaller_x86_vx.x.x.x.exe

  • 64-bit, choose CP210xVCPInstaller_x64_vx.x.x.x.exe

(3) double click the executable file to install.

(4) Check the serial port number COMx

Check identified COM ports list in the Windows Device Manager:

Connect the M5Core to your computer via USB Type-C cable, open Windows Device Manager, click Ports(COM & LPT) if you see this SiLicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge(COMx) , means the driver installation succeed and your PC is allowed to communicate with M5.

3. Install ESP32 Boards Manager

(1) Open up Arduino IDE, navigate to File->Peferences->Settings

(2) Copy the following ESP32 Boards Manager url to Additional Boards Manager URLs: , hit OK.

ESP32 Boards Manager url: https://dl.espressif.com/dl/package_esp32_index.json

(3) Navigate to Tools->Board:->Boards Manager...

(4) Search ESP32 in the pop-up window, find it and click Install

4. Install M5Stack Library

(1) Open Arduino IDE, then Select Sketch->Include Library->Manage Libraries...

(2) Search M5Stack , find it and click Install

5. Example

Now that everything is ready to go, you can select a demo example from the Example list, before that, let's do some configuration on the IDE.

Make sure you have M5Core connected to your computer via USB

(1) Arduino port Configuration

config your board name, baudrate, the specified serial port: M5Stack-Core-ESP32, 921600, COM port number

(2) Then choose an example

(3) Upload it

Click Upload, to flash the code to the device.

(4) Creat a new M5Stack program

Create a .ino file, File->New. Click Save, name it my_test.ino, and save it somewhere.

Copy the code below to my_test.ino

#include <M5Stack.h>

// the setup routine runs once when M5Stack starts up
void setup(){

  // Initialize the M5Stack object

  // LCD display
  M5.Lcd.print("Hello World!");
  M5.Lcd.print("M5Stack is running successfully!");

// the loop routine runs over and over again forever
void loop() {


Compile and upload, the M5Stack screen will display "Hello World!" "M5Stack is running successfully!"

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