Timer Amazon S3 Folder Pusher

This tutorial will show you how to periodically transfer images to Amazon S3 file storage service via TimerCAM

Driver Installation

Connect the device to the PC. If the port cannot be recognized normally, the user can manually install the FTDI driver to fix the problem. Take the win10 environment as an example, download the driver file that matches the operating system, unzip it, and install it through the device manager. (Note: In some system environments, the driver needs to be installed twice for the driver to take effect. The unrecognized device name is usually M5Stack or USB Serial. Windows recommends using the driver file to install directly in the device manager (custom Update), the executable file installation method may not work properly). Click here to download FTDI driver

For MacOS users, please tick System Preferences -> Security and Privacy -> General -> Allow downloadable apps from the following locations -> App Store and Approved Developer Options .

Download burning tool

Please click the button below to download the corresponding M5Burner firmware burning tool according to the operating system you are using. Unzip and open the application.

Pay Attention:
MacOS users please put the APP into the Application folder after the installation, as shown in the figure below.
For Linux users, please switch to the unzipped file path and run ./M5Burner in the terminal to run the application.

Burn firmware

Open M5Burner-->Connect the device to the computer-->Select the corresponding port-->Switch to TimerCam option-->Select TimerS3FolderPusher firmware, click download-->Click Burn to proceed Burning-->Wait for the pop-up window successful to indicate that the burning is complete

Click Burn, before burning, you need to configure some related connection parameters for the device.

WIFI SSID: WIFI name. Be careful not to have special characters. The computer that creates the shared folder and TimerCAM must be on the same network.
Access Key: AWS Access Key
Secret Key: AWS Secret Key
URL: AWS S3 URL (the path where the folder is located)
File Prefix: The default prefix name of the image
Image Size: Image size
Interval: Image sending interval, the recommended interval is greater than 20s.

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