Arduino IDE Development

Driver Installation

Before using TimerCAM series products, please visit the driver CP210X driver download page , and download the matching driver according to the operating system used.


Click here to visit Arduino's official website ,Select the installation package for your own operating system to download.

M5Stack Boards Manager

1.Open up Arduino IDE, navigate to File->Peferences->Settings

2.Copy the following M5Stack Boards Manager url to Additional Boards Manager URLs:

3.Navigate to Tools->Board:->Boards Manager...

4.Search M5Stack in the pop-up window, find it and click Install Tools->Board:->Timer-CAM Sketch->Include Library:->Manage Libraries

7.Search Timer-CAM in the pop-up window, find it and click Install

8.File->Example->Timer-CAM Open the case program, modify the SSID and other information in the program according to the code comments, and compile and upload it to the device.

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