Feature introduction

Use LoRaWAN module to broadcast data to other LoRa devices in the same frequency band

  • LoRaWAN init Rx Mode with data Set data receiving callback

  • Set point to point with frq Set communication frequency

  • Send string Send a message

  • Get data Get the received data (used in the data reception callback)


Press button A/B to send a message, and monitor the received data in real time


Feature introduction

Radar scan navigation car,which can control light,walking and display map

  • Lidarbot set with neopixel Set the radar car led color

  • Lidarbot set number with neopixel Set the led color separately

  • Lidarbot Seed(0 ± 7) Set walking direction and speed

  • Lidarbot set Motor Speed X(-7 ~ 7) Y(-7 ~ 7) Z(-7 ~ 7) A(-7 ~ 7) Set the motor speed and direction in the X and Y directions

  • Lidarbot set Servo angle Set the steering angle

  • Lidarbot X axis speed(0±7)Y axis speed (0±7) Set the X and Y axis directions

  • Lidarbot Draw Map Drawing a radar map

  • Lidarbot Get Distance Read the specified angle obstacle distance


The car goes forward at 3 speeds for 5 seconds.


Feature introduction

Stepper motor control

  • Motor Address Module's I2C address

  • Motor X Y Z Speed Set the stepping motor X-axis Y-axis Z-axis rotation steps and speed

  • Put g code Run G code

  • Set mode Set the motor into operating mode, distance mode or relative value mode

  • lock motor Lock motor

  • unlock motor Unlock motor


Motor is running alternately in reverse


Feature introduction

Steering gear control

  • Set servo rotate Set the specified servo angle

  • Set servo write us Set the servo pulse time


Control the 0-5 steering gear to rotate 90 degrees

Bala Motor

Feature introduction

Control the operation of Bala coded motor

  • set rotate speed Set the motor rotation direction and speed

  • Run Speed Set a certain number of pulses to travel in a running direction at a certain speed

  • Go To Position MaxSpeed Run 500 pulses at the set speed

  • Stop Motor stop

  • Read encode Read encoder value


Press button A and it will move forward 500 pulses at a speed of 255


Feature introduction

Control the operation of Bala

  • Move Set the motor rotation direction and speed

  • Turn Set the number of turning pulses

  • Rotate to Set the turning degree

  • get angle Return current angle

  • set angle offset Set the angular offset

  • balance loop Auto balance

Feature introduction

Bala will turn 45 degree in advancing every 500 pulses


Feature introduction

Control the operation of lego code motor

  • Set rotate pwm Set motor direction and speed

  • Stop Motor stop

  • Clear encode Encoder clear

  • Read encode Read encoder data


Set the motor to stop after running for 5 seconds


Feature introduction

Dust particle detection, output concentration or quantity

  • PM2.5 get value in Set the mode into particle diameter detecting and checking, return the detection result - SPM is the standard particle concentration value while APM is the atmospheric environment particle concentration value
  • PM2.5 get particles above um number Return the amount of particulate matter in the specified diameter


The screen shows the amount of PM2.5 particles


Feature introduction

Control LEGO motors and servos

  • Set to Mode Set motor mode (normal / position / speed)

  • Get encoder value Get the value of the encoder

  • Set encoder Set the value of the encoder

  • Set speed Set motor speed

  • Get speed in 20ms Get the speed of the motor in 20ms

  • Set position point to Set the motor position

  • Set position PID max speed to Set position mode motor speed

  • Set speed point to Set motor speed(speed mode)

  • Run ahead Go forward to the specified position

  • Set Servo angle to Set the servo angle

  • Set Servo pulse to Set the number of servo pulses


Set the motor to 1000 at a speed of 50


Feature introduction

Read encoder

  • Get encode Get encoder value

  • Get press Get encoder button value

  • Clean encode Clear encoder


Show encoder status


Feature introduction

Control DC motor and steering gear and read analog and digital quantities

  • Set servo angle Set the servo angle

  • Set motor speed Set motor speed

  • Digital read pos Read the digital value of the specified pin of the port

  • Analog read Read the analog quantity of the specified port


Read digital, analog, control steering gear and motor


Feature Introduction

Get GPS information

  • get time Get local time

  • get latitude Get latitude

  • get longitude Get longitude

  • get satellite num Number of satellites acquired

  • get positioning quality Get positioning quality

  • get speed Obtain relative ground speed

  • get course Get geographic north pole location

  • set time zone Set local time zone


Display GPS related information on the screen

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