Feature introduction

Use LoRaWAN module to broadcast data to other LoRa devices in the same frequency band

LoRaWAN init Rx Mode with data Set data receiving callback

Set point to point with frq Set communication frequency

Send string Send a message

Get data Get the received data (used in the data reception callback)


Press button A/B to send a message, and monitor the received data in real time


Feature introduction

Radar scan navigation car,which can control light,walking and display map

Lidarbot set with neopixel Set the radar car led color

Lidarbot set number with neopixel Set the led color separately

Lidarbot Seed(0 ± 7) Set walking direction and speed

Lidarbot set Motor Speed X(-7 ~ 7) Y(-7 ~ 7) Z(-7 ~ 7) A(-7 ~ 7) Set the motor speed and direction in the X and Y directions

Lidarbot set Servo angle Set the steering angle

Lidarbot X axis speed(0±7)Y axis speed (0±7) Set the X and Y axis directions

Lidarbot Draw Map Drawing a radar map

Lidarbot Get Distance Read the specified angle obstacle distance


The car goes forward at 3 speeds for 5 seconds.


Feature introduction

Stepper motor control

Motor Address Module's I2C address

Motor X Y Z Speed Set the stepping motor X-axis Y-axis Z-axis rotation steps and speed

Put g code Run G code

Set mode Set the motor into operating mode, distance mode or relative value mode

lock motor Lock motor

unlock motor Unlock motor


Motor is running alternately in reverse


Feature introduction

Steering gear control

Set servo rotate Set the specified servo angle

Set servo write us Set the servo pulse time


Control the 0-5 steering gear to rotate 90 degrees

Bala Motor

Feature introduction

Control the operation of Bala coded motor

set rotate speed Set the motor rotation direction and speed

Run Speed Set a certain number of pulses to travel in a running direction at a certain speed

Go To Position MaxSpeed Run 500 pulses at the set speed

Stop Motor stop

Read encode Read encoder value


Press button A and it will move forward 500 pulses at a speed of 255


Feature introduction

Control the operation of Bala

Move Set the motor rotation direction and speed

Turn Set the number of turning pulses

Rotate to Set the turning degree

get angle Return current angle

set angle offset Set the angular offset

balance loop Auto balance

Feature introduction

Bala will turn 45 degree in advancing every 500 pulses


Feature introduction

Control the operation of lego code motor

Set rotate pwm Set motor direction and speed

Stop Motor stop

Clear encode Encoder clear

Read encode Read encoder data


Set the motor to stop after running for 5 seconds


Feature introduction

Dust particle detection, output concentration or quantity

PM2.5 get value in Set the mode into particle diameter detecting and checking, return the detection result - SPM is the standard particle concentration value while APM is the atmospheric environment particle concentration value

PM2.5 get particles above um number Return the amount of particulate matter in the specified diameter


The screen shows the amount of PM2.5 particles


Feature introduction

Control LEGO motors and servos

Set to Mode Set motor mode (normal / position / speed)

Get encoder value Get the value of the encoder

Set encoder Set the value of the encoder

Set speed Set motor speed

Get speed in 20ms Get the speed of the motor in 20ms

Set position point to Set the motor position

Set position PID max speed to Set position mode motor speed

Set speed point to Set motor speed(speed mode)

Run ahead Go forward to the specified position

Set Servo angle to Set the servo angle

Set Servo pulse to Set the number of servo pulses


Set the motor to 1000 at a speed of 50


Feature introduction

Read encoder

Get encode Get encoder value

Get press Get encoder button value

Clean encode Clear encoder


Show encoder status


Feature introduction

Control DC motor and steering gear and read analog and digital quantities

Set servo angle Set the servo angle

Set motor speed Set motor speed

Digital read pos Read the digital value of the specified pin of the port

Analog read Read the analog quantity of the specified port


Read digital, analog, control steering gear and motor


Feature Introduction

Get GPS information

get time Get local time

get latitude Get latitude

get longitude Get longitude

get satellite num Number of satellites acquired

get positioning quality Get positioning quality

get speed Obtain relative ground speed

get course Get geographic north pole location

set time zone Set local time zone


Display GPS related information on the screen

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