UIFlow-Add Unit


This tutorial will explain how to add Unit series modules to the device on the UIFlow platform to achieve expansion and development.

Hardware Connection

Before adding a module to the UIFlow platform, you need to use a 4 Pin cable to connect the Unit series module to the 4 Pin Grove interface of the host.

The pin information of the interface can be viewed from the sticker on the device, or from the documentation of the device.

Connect to UIFlow

After the hardware connection is successful, on the UIFlow development platform, click + under the device simulation diagram to enter the device addition page.

Tick the checkbox in the upper right corner of the corresponding Unit picture to add a Unit. At the Port below the Unit picture, you can select the port that the Unit module connects to the host. After selecting, click OK to confirm.

After the Unit module is added, you can see the corresponding Unit under the device simulation diagram. And the program block corresponding to this Unit can be found under the category of Units.

View Unit Documentation

When adding a unit, click the ? icon in the upper right corner of the unit simulation diagram to jump to the unit's documentation, where you can view the unit's UIFlow block description and examples.

Or you can open the page of Unit block after adding, click the name of Unit to jump.

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