Feature Introduction

One-Wire interface sensor for ambient temperature, humidity, and air pressure

  • Get Pressure Get pressure in hundredpar

  • Get Temperature Get the temperature, display two decimal

  • Get Humidity Get humidity


Display air pressure, temperature, humidity on the screen


Feature Introduction

I/O type sensor for detecting infrared signals from humans or animals


Check if someone is close, someone is near the red light


Feature Introduction

Control a certain number of colored LEDs

  • Set index RGB color Set the color of the specified number of lights

  • Set from to RGB color Set the color of the light within the specified range

  • Set from to R G B Set the color of the light in the specified range to a custom color

  • Set all RGB color Set the color of all RGB lights

  • Set brightness Set the brightness of the RGB

  • Set neopixel hexagon matrix in Set the pattern on HEX and specify the color

  • et neopixel hexagon matrix in red green blue Set the pattern on HEX and customize the color


Draw a pattern use LED


Feature Introduction

The joystick is actually a potentiometer that can be automatically reset, sliding different displacements to output different voltage signals.

  • Get X Return data on the X axis

  • Get Y Return data from the Y axis

  • Get is pressed Return the value of the button

  • Get Reverse X Return X-axis reverse data

  • Get Reverse Y Return Y-axis reverse data


Control the color of the RGB LEDs by the joystick direction


Feature Introduction

Simple touch application that emits different tones and lights by touching different pins

  • Get value Return pin value

  • Get all value Return all value


Touch different pins to get different values to display different colors


Feature Introduction

The servo is a common driving device whose rotation angle depends on pulse control

  • rotate to degree Set the rotation angle

  • write us Set pulse time


Control the steering gear to rotate 90 degrees


Feature Introduction

HX711 is a high-precision AD conversion chip designed for electronic scales, which is converted into the corresponding weight by reading the voltage value.

  • return to zero Reference to initial value as zero

  • Get weight Return weight

  • Get raw data Show rawdata


Read the weight display to the screen, press the A key to return to zero


Feature Introduction

TRACE is a commonly used sensor for auto-car toy. It is used to determine whether there are black lines by receiving reflected light.

  • Get analog value Return analog value

  • Get digital value Return analog digital value

  • set limit should value Set limit value


The sensor receives white light from the reflected light and does not receive no light.


Feature Introduction

Detect different states of the button and perform corresponding operations

  • Button wasPressed Press the button to execute the set function

  • obtain button wasPressed Check if the button is pressed, only once during execution


Press the button to flash the light once


Feature Introduction

Detect different states of the button and perform corresponding operations

  • Dual_Button Red wasPressed Red button press to execute the set function

  • obtain dual button Red wasPressed Check if the red button is pressed, only one time during execution


Red button presses red light, blue button presses light


Feature Introduction

Three indicator led

  • Set index RGB color Specify the color of a serial number light

  • Set form to RGB color Set the color of multiple RGB LEDs

  • Set all RGB color Set all of RGB color

  • Set brightness Set brightness of LED


Set the color of the light


Feature Introduction

By controlling the opening and closing of the relay to achieve the purpose of weak current control of strong electricity

  • set COM connect ON Control relay closure

  • set COM connect OFF Control relay disconnect


Press the A button to close the relay and press the B button to turn the relay off.


Feature Introduction

Read AD values directly

  • read voltage Read voltage


Display AD value


Feature Introduction

Perform DA conversion and output voltage, up to 3.7V

  • output voltage save Output voltage 0-3.3, and confirm whether to save to EEPROM

  • output voltage with raw data save Output voltage 0-4096, and confirm whether to save to EEPROM


The output voltage


Feature Introduction

Non-contact temperature measurement, direct reading data

  • ncir read Reading temperature


Screen display temperature


Feature Introduction

Launch or accept infrared remote control signals

  • state Received infrared signal returned 1

  • set on Send infrared signal

  • set off Stop sending


Receive infrared signal to light red light


Feature Introduction

Expand IO interface through I2C, read and write level operation.

  • set mode All pins are set to input or output mode

  • set pin mode Set input or output separately

  • digitWrite Port Control pin status, 1 bit per pin

  • digitWrite Pin Individual control of pin status

  • digitRead Pin Read the specified pin status

  • digitRead Port Read all pin states


Clear all pin states, set 2 pin high


Feature Introduction

Read the output value of the knob potentiometer

  • Get value Return potentiometer value


Control the brightness of RGB LEDs


Feature Introduction

Return light measurement

  • Get Analog value Return analog value

  • Get Digital value Return numeric value


As the switch control LED lights up


Feature Introduction

Measuring soil moisture

  • Get Analog value Return analog value

  • Get Digital value Return numeric value


LED alarm when the soil is dry


Feature Introduction

Measuring distance up to 2 meters

  • Get distance Return distance mm


Display distance


Feature Introduction

Identify colors and return RGB values

  • Get rawData Return original data

  • Get red Return red value

  • Get green Return green value

  • Get blue Return blue value


Detecting color display RGB lights of corresponding colors


Feature Introduction

Identify RFID chip information

  • read string from addr Read data from address

  • write to addr Write data to address

  • card near RFID card close to return 1

  • card uid Returns the UID of the RFID card


Identify RFID card information


Feature Introduction

Identify fingerprint information

  • get state Read sensor status

  • get access Return access

  • get id Return ID

  • removeAll Remove all fingerprint information

  • remove id Remove fingerprint ID

  • add user id access Add ID and access rights

  • read user with id access The id and permission match do the following

  • getUnknown Unknown id and permission to perform the following operations


Record fingerprint and identify it, recognize successful green light


Feature Introduction

Enter information via the keyboard

  • Get key Return ASIIC value

  • Get string Return character

  • Get pressed Detect button, press to return true


Screen displays input characters


Feature Introduction

Extended IO interface

  • pos digitalRead Read pin digital value

  • pos digitalWrite value Write a digital value to the pin

  • analogRead Read analog value

  • Set pos RGB number to Set the number of specified pins RGB

  • Set pos num RGB pos color Set the color of the specified serial number RGB

  • Set pos num RGB begin count color Set the RGB color within the specified range

  • Set pos RGB brightness Set the specified pin RGB brightness


Control 10 RGB lights via Pb.HUB


Feature Introduction

Extended I2C interface

  • set pos state Set the specified port I2C

  • set pos open Set port to open I2C

  • set port value Set port I2C


Scan the I2C device through Pa.HUB control, A key to open the expansion, B key to close the expansion


Feature Introduction

Infrared temperature measurement matrix, return to thermal imaging picture

  • getTmp X Y Get the temperature at (X, Y) position

  • getCenterTemp Return to intermediate temperature

  • getMaxTmp Return to the highest temperature

  • getMinTmp Return to the lowest temperature

  • setColorMaxTmp tmp The highest temperature expressed in the color map

  • setColorMinTmp tmp The lowest temperature indicated in the color map

  • update X Y show Center Update the temperature inside the XY matrix and display the center temperature


The screen displays the highest temperature minimum temperature and image center temperature


Feature Introduction

Get GPS information

  • get time Get local time

  • get latitude Get latitude

  • get longitude Get longitude

  • get satellite num Number of satellites acquired

  • get positioning quality Get positioning quality

  • get speed Obtain relative ground speed

  • get course Get geographic north pole location

  • set time zone Set local time zone


Display GPS related information on the screen