BLE UART(support M5Stack Fire only)

Function Description

Establish Bluetooth connection and enable Bluetooth passthrough service.

  • Init ble uart name Initialize settings, configure Bluetooth device name.

  • BLE UART Writre Send data using BLE UART.

  • BLE UART remain cache Check the number of bytes of BLE UART data.

  • BLE UART read all Read all data in BLE UART cache.

  • BLE UART read characters Read n data in BLE UART cache.


Establish Bluetooth passthrough connection and send on / off control LED.

Blynk(support M5Stack Fire only)

Connect with Blynk server, use BLE to connect Blynk App, and realize M5Stack Fire control on mobilephone

  • Init blynk name token type BLE Initialize Blynk configuration, input device name and token of App.

  • Virtual write number data Write data to Virtual port number

  • Notify message Send system message notification to App

  • Tweet message Send message notifications to twitter client

  • On event write get number message Receive the data of the specified virtual port to be written from the app, if not specified, set to V*

  • On event read get number Read the virtual port number specified by the App

  • On event Callback function when Bluetooth is connected / disconnected


Use Blynk to control the color and brightness of the RGB light bar of M5StackFire and display it on the screen in real-time

1.Download the blynk App and register your account. You can choose to use the official blynk server or build your own server. Here we provide a free server( for you to test.

2.Use the email to register the blynk account, and log in with the account after successful registration.

3.Create a new project, select ESP32 Dev board, select BLE mode, and record the Auth Token.

4.Follow the steps below to add components, BLE connections are required.

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