Get time via NTP web server

  • Init ntptime with host and timezone Set NTP server and time zone

  • Get timestamp Get Unix timestamp

  • Get date format with - Get the date, the display format is separator "-"

  • Get time format with - Get time, the display format is separator "-"

  • Get date format with - and time format with : Display date and time, date format is separator "-", time format is separator ":"

  • Get year Get Year

  • Get month Get Month

  • Get day Get Day

  • Get weekday Get Weekday

  • Get hour Get Hour

  • Get minute Get Minute

  • Get second Get Second


Display the Unix timestamp and the current time and date (Note: When the download program runs offline, you need to add a Wi-Fi connection program before the NTP initialization program to make the device connect to the network.)

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