POWER (M5Stack)

Feature introduction

Set device charging or get battery level.

  • isCharging Return whether it is charging

  • isChargeFull Return whether full battery

  • setCharge Set charging

  • get Battery Level Return battery level


If it’s charging,RGB turns RED. Otherwise it will be BLACK

POWER (M5StickC)

Feature introduction

Set axp192 related parameters.

  • Get charge state Return to charging state

  • Get battery voltage Return battery voltage

  • Get battery current Return battery current

  • Get Vin voltage Return VIN input voltage

  • Get Vin current Return VIN input current

  • Get VBus voltage Return VBUS voltage

  • Get VBus current Return VBUS current

  • Get AXP192 temperature Return AXP temperature

  • Power off Shutdown

  • Set battery charge current to Set charging current

  • Set LCD voltage to Set screen voltage


Display the battery voltage and charging current, and shut down after full charge

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