Feature introduction

The M5Stacks speaker can be controlled by the speaker blocks to produce sound of varying frequency, duration and volume

Speaker.beep Output a sound of a set frequency and duration

Speaker.volume Control the speaker volume

play.tone Play a specific musical note for a set duration of beats


The average human can only hear frequencies within the 20Hz~20KHz range,therefore frequencies set outside of this range will not be audible


The Speaker can be used to output melodies or sounds for notification purposes

Speaker (For core2)

Feature introduction

Controls Speaker to play audio files from local or the cloud, and adjust the tone, beat, and channel

play local WAV file Play WAV files stored in Flash (res/filename.wav) or SD card (/sd/filename.wav)

play local WAV file + Click "+" to add WAV audio files to Flash and play

play local WAV file samplerate data format channel Play WAV files stored in Flash (res/filename.wav) or SD card (/sd/filename.wav) and set the sample rate, data format and the channel

play cloud WAV file(URL) Play the cloud file by filling in the audio link

play tone for beat Set the pitch and beat and play


Only supports WAV type files and the maximum size does not exceed 500KB

Recommended to use 16000 sampling frequency, 16 Bit WAV file to reduce the file size


Upload AcousticRock-16B.wav to flash and play, play the local Trim.wav audio, and play the audio file corresponding to the link

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