FINGER Unit is a fingerprint sensor based on the FPC1020A chipset.

This all-in-one fingerprint sensor makes fingerprint adding, verification and managing super simple.

Operated by the UART protocol, Compact size and ultra-low power consumption makes it very attractive to use around M5Stack series product. it performs fast fingerprint matching with highest security level and optimal user convenience. You can program to set the fingerprint recognition comparison level and different security level . if you ever consider secure your project with biometrics, don't forget to include this M5unit FINGER.

This unit communicate with M5Core by UART protocol connected via PORTC

UART settings:

  • Baudrate(default: 19200bps)
  • Start bits(1 bit)
  • Stop bits(1 bit)
  • Parity(no)

Product Features

  • Use capacitive area array semiconductor fingerprint sensor
  • Each pixel of the sensor has a pixel quality of 256 gray levels
  • 1: N recognition and 1: 1 verification function
  • Support finger 360 rotation recognition
  • Fingerprint comparison and search function


  • 1x FINGER Unit
  • 1x Grove Cable


  • Fingerprint Attendance Machine
  • Fingerprint Locker


Resources Parameter
Fingerprint capacity 150
Security level 0-9, default 5
Output format User name, image, feature value
Characteristic value size 193Byte
Communication method UART (9600-115200)
Working temperature -10 °C-60 °C
Relative humidity 20% -80%
Net weight 7g
Gross weight 20g
Product Size 48*24*8mm
Package Size 67*53*12mm





EasyLoader is a concise and fast program writer, which has a built-in case program related to the product. It can be burned to the main control by simple steps to perform a series of function verification.

Download Windows Version Easyloader Download MacOS Version Easyloader

FINGER UNIT use case: Press the left button to enter the fingerprint input mode. Press the middle button to enter the fingerprint identification mode.


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M5Stack Based Anti-COVID Security Gate (Proof of Concept)
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The code below is incomplete(just for usage). To get the complete code, please click here


Feature Introduction

Identify fingerprint information

  • get state Read sensor status

  • get access Return access

  • get id Return ID

  • removeAll Remove all fingerprint information

  • remove id Remove fingerprint ID

  • add user id access Add ID and access rights

  • read user with id access The id and permission match do the following

  • getUnknown Unknown id and permission to perform the following operations


  • FINGER UIflow Video Tutorial

Last updated: 2020-12-11