Arduino IDE environment - STAMP-S3


Click here to visit Arduino official website , select the installation package corresponding to your own operating system to download.

M5Stack's board management

1.Open the Arduino IDE, select File->Preferences->Settings

2.Copy the M5Stack board management URL below to the Additional Development Board Manager:

3.Select Tools->Development Board:->Development Board Manager...

4.In the new pop-up dialog box, enter and search for M5Stack, click Install (If the search fails, you can try to restart the Arduino program)

Note: Compiling STAMP-S3 requires at least version 2.0.6 and above

5.Select Tools->Development board:->M5Stack Arduino, and select the corresponding development board configuration according to the device we are using (STAMP-S3).

Different hardware devices have different sample program libraries. Please choose to download according to the device you are using. Open the Arduino IDE, and then select Project->Load Library->Library Management...