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Current Product Don't Have Test Firmware

Note: pls, use PC chrome/edge browser, if can't connect, refresh the webpage.

1. Click connect button

2. After connected successfully, pick a firmware

3. Click the burn button

4. After burning successfully, Unplug the device and restart.


Accessory SCREW



SCREW would be a necessary tool used on M5Stack development. If you having multiple layers stacked up and you might want fix them up with something. Here comes this SCREW Accessory Kit, packed with different length of M3 screws. Got this sutff will definately help you making more complicated and organized work around M5Stack.

Product Features

  • Specification:
    - 2x M3-32
    - 2x M3-25
    - 2x M3-18
    - 2x M3-12
    - 2x M3-22
    - 2x M3-28
    - 2x M3-35
    - 2x M3-16


Resources Parameter
Net weight 67g
Gross weight 67g
Product Size 110*52*15mm
Package Size 110*52*15mm