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1. Click connect button

2. After connected successfully, pick a firmware

3. Click the burn button

4. After burning successfully, Unplug the device and restart.





This tutorial will show you how to control Gray devices through the UIFlow graphical programming platform
This tutorial will show you how to program and control Gray devices through Arduino IDE
This tutorial will show you how to control Gray devices through Micropython programming


M5Stack GRAY Kit is one of the M5Stack development kit series, which is a upgrade from the Basic kits. In comparison, Gray kit provides an extra IMU sensor, BMM150 + MPU6886. Gray kit is a nice choice for users who just get started or in progress.

With a IMU posture sensor, there are a lot of situations which u can apply this kit to: detecting acceleration, angulation, and trajectory. You can make relative products like sports data collector, 3D remote gesture controller and more base on the above functions.

GRAY is M5 Core device. Its modular, stackable, scalable, and portable device is powered with an ESP-32 core, which makes it open source, low cost, full-function, and easy for developers to handle new product development on all stages include circuit design, PCB design, software, mold design and production.

If you want to explore the fastest way of IoT prototyping, M5Stack development board is the perfect solution. Not like others, M5Stack development board is highly efficient, covered with industrial grade case and ESP32-based development board. It integrates with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth modules and contains a dual-core and 16MB of SPI Flash . Together with 30+ M5Stack stackable modules , 40+ extendable units and different levels of program language, you can create and verify your IoT product in a very short time.

Supportive development platforms and programming languages: Arduino, Blockly language with UIFlow , Micropython. Regardless of what level programming skill you have, M5Stack would guide you in every step of the way to realize your idea as well as to the final productlization.

If you ever played with ESP8266, you would realize that ESP32 is a perfect upgrade out of ESP8266. In comparison, ESP32 has more GPIOs, more analog inputs and two analog outputs, multiple extra peripherals( like a spare UART ). Official developing platform ESP-IDF has transplanted with FreeRTOS. With dual-core and real time OS you can get more organized code and much high speed processor.

Power on/off:
Power on: click the red power button on the left
Power off: Quickly double-click the red power button on the left
Note: By default, when USB is powered, it cannot be shut down**

Product Features


  • 1x Gray
  • 10x Femal-male Dupont
  • 1x Type-C USB(20cm)
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Sticker


  • Internet of things terminal controller
  • Stem education product
  • DIY creation


Resources Parameter
ESP32 240MHz dual core, 600 DMIPS, 520KB SRAM, Wi-Fi, dual mode Bluetooth
Flash Memory 16MB (old: 4MB)
Power Input 5V @ 500mA
Port TypeC x 1, GROVE(I2C+I/0+UART) x 1
IPS Screen 2 inch, 320x240 Colorful TFT LCD, ILI9342C, max brightness 853nit
Speaker 1W-0928
Button Custom button x 3
Core Bottom Port PIN (G1,G2,G3,G16, G17, G18, G19, G21, G22, G23, G25, G26, G35, G36)
MEMS BMM150 + MPU6886
Battery 110mAh @ 3.7V
Antenna 2.4G 3D Antenna
Operating Temperature 0°C to 60°C
Net weight 49.2g
Gross weight 93g
Product Size 54 x 54 x 18.9 mm
Package Size 95 x 65 x 25mm
Case Material Plastic ( PC )

USB Driver

Click the link below to download the driver that matches the operating system. There are currently two driver chip versions (CP210X/CH9102). Please download the corresponding driver compressed package according to the version you are using. After decompressing the compressed package, select the installation package corresponding to the number of operating systems to install. (If you are not sure of the USB chip used by your device, you can install both drivers at the same time. During the installation process of CH9102_VCP_SER_MacOS, an error may occur, but the installation is actually completed, just ignore it.)

Driver name Applicable driver chip Download link
CP210x_VCP_Windows CP2104 Download
CP210x_VCP_MacOS CP2104 Download
CP210x_VCP_Linux CP2104 Download
CH9102_VCP_SER_Windows CH9102 Download
CH9102_VCP_SER_MacOS CH9102 Download


EasyLoader is a concise and fast program writer, which has a built-in case program related to the product. It can be burned to the main control by simple steps to perform a series of function verification.

Download Windows Version Easyloader Download MacOS Version Easyloader

This case will perform hardware running tests for speakers, wifi, buttons, accelerometer, TF-card(microSD), screen, etc.

Peripherals Pin Map

LCD & TF card

LCD :320x240 TF card Maximum size 16GB


Button & Speaker

Speaker Speaker Pin

GROVE A & IP5306

Power Management IC (IP5306) is customized I2C edition,its I2C address is 0x75. Click here to check IP5306 datasheet

Button & Speaker

Speaker Speaker Pin

GROVE Port A & IP5306

We've use the customized I2C version of IP5306, on power management.

Its I2C address is 0x75. Click here to check its datasheet


IP5306 charging/discharging,Voltage parameter

charging discharging
0.00 ~ 3.40V -> 0% 4.20 ~ 4.07V -> 100%
3.40 ~ 3.61V -> 25% 4.07 ~ 3.81V -> 75%
3.61 ~ 3.88V -> 50% 3.81 ~ 3.55V -> 50%
3.88 ~ 4.12V -> 75% 3.55 ~ 3.33V -> 25%
4.12 ~ / -> 100% 3.33 ~ 0.00V -> 0%

6-Axis MotionTracking Sensor MPU6886

MPU6886 I2C address 0x68


3-Axis Geomagnetic Sensor BMM150

BMM150 I2C address 0x10



PORT-A(Red) G21/22 I2C
PORT-B(Black) G26/36 DAC/ADC
PORT-C(Blue) G16/17 UART


8 channels 10 channels 2 channels 2 channels
G32-39 G0/2/4/12-15/25-27 G25 G26

Charging current measured value

charging currentFully charged current(Power OFF)Fully charged current(Power ON)



For more information about Pin assignment and Pin Remapping, Please refer to ESP32 Datasheet

M-BUS BUS(compared to M5Core2)



How to control Dji Tello drone by M5stack and Uiflow blocks at your wrist!. A base for STEM projects
Simple GPS tracker for M5Stack with informative display and several display options using the Tiny GPS ++ library.
Using the M5Stack to visualize timeseries data of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Modern times make modern solutions possible. Therefore, the step to a digital snow globe is not that far.
The objective is to decompress clinics and hospitals to reduce the time of exposure of health personnel to the COVID-19 virus(Based M5Stack)
Based on a LEGO NXT Mindstorm base for movement, and a M5Stack Grey Core for brains. Controlled by a simple web interface
A project to prevent access of suspect Covid-19 positive in office or community. M5Stack Core Grey, RFID unit and NCIR body temp measure
GPS logger that stores your location into a GPX file with a back end web server to view daily rides, add comments and multi-media files.
Change relationship between plants and human and make much deeper relationship.
An indoor positioning system based on Wi-Fi RSSI data to return to the right room of a hotel corridor. Maybe useless, but it works just fine!
Building a smart planting system using M5Stack to monitor the lights, humidity, temperature, watering your plant automatically.
Pretty accurate port of Sonic the Hedgehog from Sega Mega Drive to M5Stack. (But only first act of first zone.)
M5Stick V + Adafruit Thermal Printer + M5Stack Gray = Instant Camera Printer
A project to monitor Covid-19 disease, based on M5Stack Core Grey, show data rolling the relevant informations for each Italy region.
An ultimate low cost device to track symptoms of menopause and keep data in the cloud allowing doctors to have a better patient history.



  • Click here to download Arduino code


m5stack instroduce

Version Change

Release Date Product Change
2017.9 Initial public release
2017.12 MPU6050+MAG3110 is changed to MPU9250, IP5306 is connected to I2C bus
2019.6 MPU9250 changed to MPU6886+BMM150
2019.7 TN screen changed to IPS screen
2020.3 Battery capacity changed from 150mAh to 110mAh /

Note: 2018.2A PCB version of the device does not support C2C (TypeC to TypeC) connection and PD power supply.