EasyLoader (beta)

Current Product Don't Have Test Firmware

Note: pls, use PC chrome/edge browser, if can't connect, refresh the webpage.

1. Click connect button

2. After connected successfully, pick a firmware

3. Click the burn button

4. After burning successfully, Unplug the device and restart.





GAMEPAD is a game pad panel designed for the FACE_BOTTOM module. It contains commonly used up/down/left/right, A/B buttons and start/pause, 8 buttons, adapted to the controller layout of classic game consoles such as FC and GAMEBOY. You can burn the game simulator firmware to load the game freely, or write the game by yourself. The panel integrates MEGA328 processor, working in slave mode through I2C communication protocol (0x08).

This product is EOL now.

Product Features


  • 1x GAMEPAD panel


  • Gamepad
  • Human-computer interaction


Resources Parameter
Communication I2C(0X08)
Button Up/Down/Left/Right/A/B/Start/Pause
Net weight 18g
Gross weight 38g
Product Size 58.2mm x 54.2mm x 10.4mm
Package Size 95mm x 65mm x 25mm
Case Material Plastic ( PC )


EasyLoader is a concise and fast program writer, which has a built-in case program related to the product. It can be burned to the main control by simple steps to perform a series of function verification.

Download Windows Version Easyloader Download MacOS Version Easyloader

This case will run the FACES keyboard input test program by default. Restart the selected program list to switch between different panel test items.


Mega328 ISP Download interface pin definition






If you want to use M5Core to play some classic games, then using GameBoy panel and M5Core will be the perfect solution. All you need to do is upload the game simulator program to M5Core and connect to the GameBoy panel. The connection diagram is as follows:

ESPTool burning game tutorial: https://docs.m5stack.com/#/en/quick_start/faces/gameboy_burn_a_nes_game

Click here to burn the sample game with one click