UnitV2 Firmware update tutorial

Firmware download

Click the link below to download the UnitV2 firmware compression package, and unzip it to the root directory of the TF card for placement. (Please put the firmware file directly to the root directory of the TF card, please do not change the file name).

Start Update

Before updating, please disconnect UnitV2 from the power supply -> Insert the TF card into the card slot, connect the PC to power on and start, UnitV2's boot system will automatically find the firmware file in the TF card and start the update, and the device will display a red light.

1. Unzip the file to get M5UnitV2UpdPackage.img, DO NOT CHANGE THE FILENAME!
2. Format the SD Card to FAT32 file system. Put the file inside the SD Card's root directory.
3. Insert the SD Card while the device is powered off. Pressed the top button, plug in the USB, waiting for the LED to blinky (3~5s after power-on).
4. Release the top button, wait for all LED to go off. (It may take about 4 minutes)
5. You are ready to go!

update finished

After the update is complete, the device indicator will go out, and the device will remain connected at this time. Use the browser to access the domain name unitv2.py or IP:, if you can successfully access the online identification function page ( As shown in the figure below), the update is complete.Note: Please install the SR9900 driver before use. For detailed installation steps, please refer to the previous chapter Jupyter notebook


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