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Unit Camera DIY KIT



UNIT CAMERA DIY KIT is a powerful DIY ESP32 WiFi camera kit, which includes two lens modules: Wide-angle fisheye + regular view, both using OV2640 image sensor supporting up to 200w pixel output. DIY case design, You will get a DIY model for so much fun right out of the box! Compact size, high resolution and focus capabilities they are, It's excellent for a variety of IoT image capture applications.

  • High flexibility.

    • Lens focus support
    • GROVE expansion interface with programmable RGB lights
  • Plug-and-play.

    • Self image transfer firmware with UART/WIFI image transfer support
    • Integrated image parameter API interface (white balance, exposure, gain, size, etc.)
    • PC-based debugging tools
    • Support UIFlow graphical programming platform for one-click invocation and cloud transmission
    • Works with Arduino, ESP32-IDF and other mainstream development platforms

Product Features

  • Plug-and-play
  • Rich image processing API interface
  • Fascinating DIY structure model cover
  • Built-in ESP32 MCU


  • 1x Unit CAM core board
  • 1x OV2640 camera (FOV:66.5°)
  • 1x OV2640 camera (FOV:160°)
  • 1x Model Housing Kit
  • 1x Camera Back Clip (LEGO compatible)
  • 1x HY2.0-4P Cable


  • Remote Monitoring
  • Camera Timer


Specifications Parameters
ESP32-WROOM-32E 240MHz Dual Core, 600DMIPS, 520KB SRAM, Wi-Fi, Dual Mode Bluetooth
Flash 4MB
Wide Angle Fisheye Lens Focal length 1.0±5%mm
Aperture 2.2±5%
Lens type 1/4inch
Field of view 160°
Pixels 200w
Reverberation -135%
Sensitive chip OV2640
Conventional view lens Focal length 4.8±5%mm
Aperture 2.4±5%
Lens type 1/4inch
Field of view 65°
Pixels 200w
Reverberation <1%
Sensor chip OV2640
Firmware default communication method UART: 115200bps 8N1
Camera firmware default output image QVGA@28fps, VGA@13fps, support for adjustments (UXGA, SXGA, XGA, and other larger image sizes output)
Sensor output format support YUV(422/420)/YCbCr422,8-bit compressed data,RGB565/555,8-/10-bit raw RGB data
Net Weight 21.8g
Gross Weight 49.1g
Model board 11 * 66 * 181mm
Fisheye camera assembly size 40 * 24 * 17.2mm
Assembly size for normal camera 40 * 24 * 11m
Package Size 25 * 73 * 220mm

Flash Burning Download

The Unit CAM does not include a program download circuit. If you need to download an updated program for the ESP32, you can do so by connecting an external USB-TTL downloader.

Pin Mapping

OV2640 Interface

interface camera pins unit CAM
System Clock XCLK IO27
Vertical Sync VSYNC IO22
Horizontal Reference HREF IO26
Pixel Clock PCLK IO21
Pixel Data Bit 0 D0 IO32
Pixel Data Bit 1 D1 IO35
Pixel Data Bit 2 D2 IO34
Pixel Data Bit 3 D3 IO5
Pixel Data Bit 4 D4 IO39
Pixel Data Bit 5 D5 IO18
Pixel Data Bit 6 D6 IO36
Pixel Data Bit 7 D7 IO19
Camera Reset RESET IO15
Camera Power Down PWDN -1
Power Supply 3.3V 3V3 3V3
Ground GND GND

HY2.0-4P Interface.

HY2.0-4P Unit CAM
5V 5V

LED (Blue)

D1 IO4


Case program



UnitCAM's default factory firmware supports two working modes of UART and WiFi. The WiFi mode supports timed shooting and automatically uploads pictures to the M5 cloud and returns to the picture calling interface (URL). Under UART mode, users can use other master devices to obtain picture frames through UART communication and modify picture parameters. The following will use the main control CORE as a case to connect to UnitCAM and obtain image data.

Unit CAM UIFlow Block Instructions

Unit CAM UIFlow Use Case

Press A to enable WiFi connection mode, connect to the designated WiFi, the camera takes pictures at 5s intervals and upload them to the M5 cloud, and press B to obtain the camera Token, and use the cloud image URL generated by the Token to create a QR code.

Press C to enable UART connection mode, configure the picture size to be 320*240, and start the picture display thread to continuously refresh the picture to the screen.

Unit CAM UIFlow Block function description:

- Cloud Mode Functions:

#Configure the camera to connect to the specified WiFi

#Configure the camera image upload cloud interval

#Get camera Token

#Get the URL of the camera cloud image

- UART Mode Functions:

#In UART mode, start the screen display image thread, the default display coordinates are 0,0

#Set the camera to return the image size

#Set the image display position

- Command:

#Switch UART/CLOUD mode

#Set the brightness of the onboard LED of the camera
Set-unitcam, led-brightness

Micropython API

import unit

#Create unitcam instance
unitcam0 = unit.get(unit.UNITCAM, unit.PORTB)

#UART Mode: unitcam0.UART_MODE
#WIFI mode: unitcam0.CLOUD_MODE

#WiFi mode, configure the camera to connect to the specified WiFi

#WiFi mode, configure the camera image upload cloud interval

#Get camera token
unitcam_token = unitcam0.get_token()

#Stitching a fixed domain name field to get the URL of the camera cloud image
unicam_image_url ='camera.m5stack.com/timer-cam/image?tok=' + unitcam0.get_token()

#UART mode, start the screen display image thread, the default display coordinates are 0,0

#Set the camera to return the image size

#Set Unit CAM onboard LED brightness value: 0~100


  • Unpacking and manual assembly