UIFlow Block Custom

Create block

Create a custom block by clicking on the Custom option > Create in the block list.

To create a new block, we need to provide:

1: group name: the name of the group in which the custom block is placed

2: Block color: Appearance color of the block

3: Block label: Only letters, numbers, underscores are allowed

4: Block type: Define the type of the block as Value (value), or Execute (execute)

5: Number of blocks: Ability to add multiple blocks at the same time and save them to a .m5b file at the same time


Click the Add option under Parameter, add a program property, enter the name displayed in the block, and select the property type. Enter the code contained in the custom block in the Block Code option box.

Click here to visit Github for more program API

When the attribute type of a custom block has constant or variable input, we can get these values in the code and perform further processing and operations.

Example: Select the attribute type as String (string input). In this case, if we want to get the string input when using, just use ${Parameter name} in the code. It is ${show_word}. It should be noted that when there is a space in the block name, use ${} to get the space that needs to be replaced with the _ underscore.

Save and Changes

After editing the program, click Download to save.

Click on Open .m5b to open the saved custom program for modification.

Using program block

Open a custom block by clicking on theCustomoption > Open ,in the block list.

**Note:**When loading and saving the .m5f project file, if the project contains custom block, please manually load the m5b file before loading the project file, otherwise the project will not be loaded normally.

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