M5AtomS3 Program Compilation and Burning

1. Preparations

2. Download Mode

  • Press and hold the reset button (about 2 seconds) until the internal green LED lights up, then release it. The device is now in download mode, ready for burning.

M5AtomS3 / M5AtomS3 Lite

3. Download M5Stack Board

Refer to the Basic Environment Setup Guide to complete the IDE, M5Stack Board Manager installation, and select the development board M5AtomS3.

module size module size

4. Install Library Files

Dependency Library Installation: Refer to the Library Management Installation Guide to complete the installation of the M5AtomS3 driver library.

module size module size

5. Port Selection

Connect the device to the computer via USB cable. After completing the driver installation, you can select the corresponding device port in the Arduino IDE.

module size

6. Program Compilation & Burning

Open the example program “LEDDisplay” in the driver library. Click the upload button to automatically compile and burn the program.

module size

The effect is as shown below:

module size
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