BLE UART (Supports M5Stack Fire Only)

Function Description

Establishes a wireless connection, enabling a wireless serial pass-through service (supports M5Stack Fire only).

Init ble uart name Initialization setting, configures the name of the wireless device.

BLE UART Write Sends data wirelessly.

BLE UART remain cache Checks the number of bytes in the wireless UART cache.

BLE UART read all Reads all data in the wireless UART cache.

BLE UART read characters Reads 'n' number of data from the wireless UART cache.

Usage Instructions

Establishes a wireless pass-through connection to send on/off commands to control the LED.

Blynk (Supports M5Stack Fire Only)

Connects to the Blynk server, uses BLE to connect to the Blynk App, enabling mobile phone control of M5Stack Fire (supports M5Stack Fire only).

Init blynk name token type BLE Initializes Blynk configuration, enters device name and the app token.

Virtual write number data Writes data to a virtual port number.

Notify message Sends system-level message notifications to the app.

Tweet message Sends message notifications to the Twitter client.

On event write get number message Receives data that will be written to a specified virtual port from the app, if not specified it is set to V*.

On event read get number Reads the specified virtual port number from the app.

On event Callback function for wireless connection/disconnection.

Usage Instructions

Use Blynk to control the color and brightness of the M5StackFire's RGB light strip, and display it in real-time on the screen.

  1. Download the mobile Blynk app, register an account. You can choose to use the official Blynk server or set up your server. Here we provide a free server for testing (

  2. Register a Blynk account using your email, and log in with that account after registration is successful.

  3. Create a new project, select ESP32 Dev Board as the device, and choose BLE as the connection method. Note down the AUTH TOKEN.

  4. Follow the steps below to add components, including the necessary BLE connection component.

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