Function Description

The Remote function creates a webpage composed of widgets for remote control of M5Stack devices. This page is associated with the device's API KEY, will be saved in M5 service for a long time, and provides a fixed access link. Users can access and share device information or remotely control the device anytime, anywhere.
1. This function requires the online version of UIFlow
2. When downloading to run offline, add a WiFi connection program to setup. See WiFi connection program instructions
3. Push the program before use, then the access page QR code/URL can be obtained

Set Title Set the title content displayed on the control page.

Remote qrcode show in x y size Generate the QR code for the webpage's display position and size.

Add Remote Switch Button index Add a toggle switch button (0 or 1). When clicked, the program inside the block runs.

Add Remote Button index Add a button. When clicked, the program inside the block runs.

Add Remote Slider Add a slider. Use a variable before adding it. Change the variable through the slider to execute the program inside the block.

Add Remote Label index interval Display data through adding a label, setting the refresh time interval.

Usage Instructions

Display the webpage QR code on the screen. Scan to enter the control page. Control the LED Bar through buttons and sliders, while displaying the temperature from the ENV module.

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