Feature Description

EzData is an IoT cloud data storage service provided by M5Stack, allowing different devices to insert or retrieve data into a storage queue through a unique token, achieving data sharing among devices.

Important Notes:
1. All the following operations depend on the unique token, which is fixed in the same browser environment. Please copy the token before use.
2. If there is no data operation within half a year, the data queue corresponding to that token will be cleared.
3. Data will be sorted in descending order of insertion time (the last inserted data will be at the top of the list), and data will be cumulatively saved.

get value from topic " " with token " "

  • Retrieves a piece of data from the top of the specified topic queue.

save value " " to topic " " with token " "

  • Saves data to the top of the specified topic queue.

get value from list " " offset " " count " " with token " "

  • Retrieves a group of data from the specified data list. The advantage of using a list storage is that it supports specifying data index offset and can retrieve multiple data at once. The return value is a list.
  • list: A string for the list name.
  • offset: The offset relative to the top of the data list.
  • count: The number of data to read.

save value " " to list " " with token " "

  • Saves data to the top of the specified data list.

remove topic " " with token " "

  • Deletes a topic or list and clears the queue data.

Usage Examples

Saving Data

This program saves data to a specified topic and data list.

Retrieving Data

This program retrieves data from a specified topic and multiple data from a data list in one go, and clears the queue.

Run the above programs on two different M5 devices, triggering data saving and retrieval via button presses.

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