Blynk BLE

Connect to Blynk App via BLE to achieve wireless control from mobile phone. Note: Only models with PSRAM (e.g. M5Fire, M5Core2) are supported. This function only supports Blynk legacy, the new version of Blynk no longer provides BLE support.


1.Create a new project in Blynk legacy, select ESP32 Dev Board, select the access method as BLE, and record AUTH TOKEN. follow the steps below to add the components, of which BLE connection is a necessary component.

2.Use Blynk to control the color and brightness of M5StackFire's RGB light bar and display it on the screen in real time.


from ble import blynk
blynk.init('Device Name', 'Token', blynk.BLE)
  • Initialize the blynk configuration, enter the device name and the token for the app.
def blynk_write_all(*args):
  global msg, num
  num, msg = args[0], args[1]

blynk.handle_event('write v*', blynk_write_all)
  • Receive data from the app side to be written to the specified virtual port, if not specified set to V*.

def blynk_read_all(*args):
  global num
  num = args[0]

blynk.handle_event('read v*', blynk_read_all)
  • Read the virtual port number specified on the App side
  • Send system-level message notifications to the App
def blynk_connected():
  # global params

blynk.handle_event('connected', blynk_connected)
  • Thing listens to callback function registration, supports events.
    • connected
    • disconnected
  • Send message notifications to Twitter clients
blynk.virtual_write(1, '')
  • Write data to the virtual port number
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