M5CoreS3 connects to HA

Environmental installation

  1. Home Assistant 2023.12 or later, installed on the Home Assistant operating system. If you have not already installed the Home Assistant, refer to the installation guide Home Assistant documentation .

  2. Home Assistant Cloud or manually configured Assist ipeline

  3. Install Esphome on your Home Assistant.

    Add ESPHome.

    Configure ESPHome to display and navigate the left sidebar.

  4. Connect to an active 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network.

  5. Chrome or Edge browser installed on a computer (not Android/iOS).

  6. Prepare an M5CoreS3 device and a USB-C cable to connect to the M5CoreS3.

Add a device

Open the ESPHome plugin and click NEW DEVICE to create a device.

Click to create a new device, fill in the devices name, click to select the device type ESP32-S3, and click to complete the device creation.CONTINUENEXTCANXWL

Test the device to connect to the cloud Home Assistant

The project file downloaded from the cloud is used to test the device connection, and you can directly use the local compilation bin file to burn the test in the device.

If the WiFi cannot be connected to the Home Assistant cloud software, you need to replace the WiFi, click Configure under the device, click Save in the upper right corner after the modification is successful, then click in the upper right corner, select Manual download to compile the file locally, generate a bin file, and burn it according to the burning program.

Compile the local program

To configure the device burner information, click the lower left corner of the device to modify the WiFi configuration that can be connected to the cloud Home Assistant, click the upper right corner, and then click to select Compile and Download.

Flash the firmware

Tap the More button in the lower right corner of the device and select Tap.

Write mode

  • Wirelessly:The device can write when the wifi is online.
  • Plug into this computer:For devices connected to this computer via USB, test how the device writes.
  • Plug into the computer running ESPHome Dashboard:For devices connected to this computer via USB, compile and write directly.
  • Manual download:the configuration file is written locally.

Click Open [ESPHome Web]( Web - ESPHome ) to burn the program in the cloud, or you can choose other ways to burn.

The M5CoreS3 device is connected to the computer via a USB-C cable, and at the same time, you need to press and hold the reset button to insert the USB-C after the green light is displayed to complete the connection.

Confirm the new device configuration

The device shows ONLINE and the configuration is successful.

When the device is powered on and connected to the configured WiFi and connected to Home Assistant, Home Assistant will receive a new device connection, click Notifications, select the pop-up device notification, click , pop up the new online device, click , and follow the pop-up steps to complete the device connection to the cloud.

Add the voice-assistant feature

Click to add a GitHub download configuration and fill it in the configuration file.EDIT

  m5stack.cores3-voice-assistant: github://m5stack/M5CoreS3-Esphome/voiceassistant/m5stack-cores3.yaml@main

Select (Local Configuration), wait for the compilation to complete, and click Download after compilation.

Note:The voice-assistant feature pack may have multiple errors during the download and compilation process, which may be caused by slow access to foreign websites.

After the download is successful, follow the steps to burn the program to the device.

Tutorial Video

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